Clapboard concept of cinema.

Video & Audio Production

Video is extremely effective in producing your company’s image. Our expertise runs from producing marketing and training videos, to medical and educational videos. Video is a powerful tool for introducing a new product or for presenting your company at a trade show.¬†

Creative commercials are designed with original concepts, including story boards, scriptwriting, camera-shots, and angles, along with professional on-camera talent for your 30 and 60 second announcements.


* Independent Feature Films

* Video Brochures

* TV Commercials

* Infomercials

* Image Enhancement

* International/Interstate Trade

* Training/Instruction

* Medical & Technical Procedures

* Depositions

* Property Identification

* Documentaries


* Offering workshops in digital production 

* Graphics and 3D Animation

* Computer to Video Digitizing

* Music and Sound Effects

* Professional On-Camera & Audio Talent

* Professional Photography

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