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About Quad Air Communications

This is Who We Are:                

Hello, we are a multi-media production and special event company. Our expertise is combining creative production and videography with sound strategic positioning to create independent movies, documentaries, music, business videos, and social media segments. Whether we are working on an indie feature or Web video, we believe that good communication starts with a solid understanding of your client’s needs, target market, and your key message.

This is Who We Help:

We help entrepreneurs and business owners develop strong, consistent video brands. We have experience in the whole gamut from creating and implementing a fully integrated marketing program to conception and execution of creative marketing work that includes prep-production, writing location or in office/home set up and shoot to music design and video.

This is How We Help You:

We help YOU  launch your brands by determining your target market and developing the production position in the marketplace. Great brands use a consistent message to cut through the clutter of everyday media. We know that Quality matters. While you may now be tempted to grab your camcorder and record a video of your product, the production quality does matter.

To get started, call us at (916) 444-4857 or send us an e-mail Info@quadaircom.com for more information and an appointment, us our contact form.

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